Guillermo Lobo

Q razón lleva a Boudou a estar en los festejos de TC para Todos y no recorriendo hospitales o abrazando a deudos

El tuit del periodista a observar al vicepresidente en el podio del TC en Mar de Ajó, con la alusión al terrible accidente ferroviario ocurrido en Once



  1. Avisenle a Bolulu, que en Miramar, para ver la carrera, pago $ 179,99 el cable, por q Canal 7, no se ve ni de casualidad… así q no es para todos

      • I would rather a no with no etapanlxion, than nothing. At least I can project that at least they took a second to think about the fact that they don’t want to spend time with me, not sit wondering why they have so much disdain that they cannot even respond. (I’m sort of exaggerating, but only a little.)

      • my annoyance is prtaly evites fault and of course the people guilty of the following behavior; evite shows when people have viewed their evite. Couldn’t these people put themselves down as a maybe if they need to check their calendar. Evite will send a reminder email BUT dang a RSVP at that point is a must! I hate maybes that go unresolved!! In addition, I really don’t care what the reason is for a no response BUT if there is one I think the following should be avoided: Have fun at first glance it seems innocent but if you read in the context of a no RSVP it feels a little ugly. Have fun (or at least try cause I’m not coming to your stupid event) Gonna miss this one this basically means they will miss them all. seriously I have gotten this one and have NO CLUE what it means.there are others but I probably don’t need to muck up your only blog with them.

  2. En miramar no hay tv digital terrestre, hay en mdp, (la antena esta en el GADA601) y ademas no solo la antena necesitas el sintonizador.

  3. The problem with ccniklig No is that since most of these things (like e-vite) give you a place to enter a comment, you sometimes feel obligated to explain why you won’t be there.You don’t just want to leave it as a No without a comment, because you never know how people will take things online projecting all sorts of things into what they might think you mean, etc.But then again, you also don’t want to make up some reason if you just don’t feel like going, and saying that could also be construed as rude.Saying tentative if you really know you’re just not going is also not honest, so there’s that to consider. I usually just consider a non-answer as either tentative or no .Whenever I’m dealing with an invite situation, I prefer to think of it as a yes is a yes , everything else is a no . The only exception would be if for some reason there is limited space / resources and you really need to know in advance how many people will be there, in which case it should be clearly indicated as RSVP ONLY , and the yes=yes, anything else=no rule can still apply.That’s my two cents, anyway.


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