“Dejemos que nuestros dos pilotos corran en Abu Dhabi y que sea lo que sea. Nosotros no manipulamos las cosas como lo hace Ferrari. Si Alonso sale campeón, mala suerte. Si no podemos ganar el título este año, lo haremos el año que viene. Pero nuestra filosofía sigue siendo la misma porque esto es un deporte y debe permanecer así”

Lo dijo Dietrich Mateschitz, dueño de RedBull, al diario austríaco Kliene Zeitung. Traducido: si en Abu Dhabi, Seb Vettel marcha delante de Mark Webber y Fernando Alonso, no le pedirán al alemán que le ceda la victoria al australiano aunque así sea el español el que se consagre.



  1. I think that Mark is simply the ulnuckiest driver in F1 and nothing ever seems to go right for the guy, in 09 before the start of the season he broke his leg meaning he went into the 2009 season with hardly any testing in the new car. In 2010 Mark drove magnificently for 75% of the season until he fractured his shoulder which hampered his performances for the end of the season. As for 2011 Red Bull have struggled throughout pre-season testing and the first few races with their KERS system, and once again Mark has been extremely unlucky with the number of KERS failures he has had in comparrison to Vettel however. Vettel has had problems with KERS in Malaysia and China showing how Red Bull are not being biased and are giving both drivers the best possible chance, in qualifying Red Bull didn’t want to have to use up a set of the softer compound tyres after seeing the effect it had on Hamilton the week before in Kuala Lumpar showing that saving as many tyres as possible is critical this season, Mark Webber is simply the ulnuckiest guy in F1 and has been for a number of years and i hope for his sake that he gets a bit of luck this season and is able to fight for the title!

    • Button. I’m surprised he said that, pelnlsaroy. He’s such a talented driver and he seems like a driver that the team love. And they should, he’s very successful. And he seems like an easygoing character. It’s surprising for him to say that. Button reckons that if Red Bull had been clear about its intentions pre-race, Vettel had no grounds for complaint. Obviously he’s done it once. He knew what he was doing, said Button. We all want to win, but if you’re told to hold station and you know that’s the rule before the race, kick off about it before the race. Don’t just do the opposite in the race. I think that’s the biggest issue. If we had that issue here, first of all I wouldn’t have agreed before we went racing. In the race, you have to do as you’re supposed to do. He underlined that he did not approve of team orders and felt they had been unnecessary in Malaysia, but that Vettel should still have complied if Webber was cruising. I do not like team orders and I’ve said that before, Button said. But they’re legal and we’re allowed to have team orders. I would understand if I couldn’t win the championship anymore and the team said to me if you’re leading this race and your team-mate’s second and he can win the championship, let him go past’. I wouldn’t even need to be told that, I’d do it myself. It’s the right thing to do. I think when one or both drivers are told to turn the engine down, it’s for a reason to save the engine or because they have a fuel strategy. If one guy does it and the other guy doesn’t, it’s unfair, they’re going to push each other, and they might both run out of fuel. That’s the way the system is at the moment with fuel and tyre saving. There’s definitely the possibility of making a mistake [with an instruction], and if that was the case with Sebastian, it’s fair enough. Maybe that was the case. But it just doesn’t sound that way from what he was saying afterwards.


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