Dos años seguidos corrió el Top Race en Interlagos.
Por ahora no habrá tercera vez.




Se sigue reacomodando el Top Race V6 y otra vez le tocó el turno a su calendario. Al reemplazo de Salta (iría en septiembre) por Olavarría, porque tras la vuelta del viaje a Brasil del próximo fin de semana para correr en Santa Cruz do Sul, los equipos veían complicado y oneroso hacer otra larga travesía, mirando más adelante en el programa se produjo una baja importante como lo es la fecha en Interlagos, una cita que la categoría tenía como una de sus joyas más preciadas por el orgullo de ser la única nacional que se presentaba en el mismo circuito donde corre la Fórmula 1. No podrá ser este año porque la fecha otorgada por los brasileños, dueño de la jornada con la Fórmula Truck, es el 3 de julio, el mismo domingo en que en Rafaela corre el Turismo Carretera… Y ya se sabe que varias de las figuras del TC, incluido su campeón Agustín Canapino, corren también en el Top Race.

“No tenía sentido porfiar la fecha” explicaron en el Top Race confirmando la actitud menos confrontativa que tendrán este año como ya le dijo Alejandro Urtubey a Visión Auto. Una decisión inteligente y real porque puestos en la elección seguramente la mayoría de los pilotos hubiesen optado por el TC y esto hubiese deslucido la presentación del Top Race en Interlagos. Es para lamentar esta superposición que deja al Top Race sin una de sus carreras emblemáticas. Esto por ahora porque sus dirigentes prometieron recuperarla para el 2012.



  1. "…hubiese deslucido la presentación…"?? pufff!!! como si ubiese algo de interesante en los desfiles esos!!
    Y menos confrontativa no, el medio de prensa del top race (la que alguna vez fue un excelente medio grafico) CORSA esta tirandole estiercol al TC2000 con lo del callejero que quieren hacer en bs as y hasta lo ponen a un nenito de la categoria mas baja de ellos a opinar como "palabra autorizada", eso es ser "menos confrontativo"?

    • it was a special day for him, but adeimttd he was keeping his feet on the ground as he is yet to convert his pole into a good result in the race. It is a special time for me, said Barrichello. It’s obviously a great time when you go out and you have a balance, it doesn’t matter if it is wet or dry, just off you go. There were plenty of strategies, you never know what is going to happen, it was so variable. I am so happy, it was a great drive and it may be that we have less fuel than them, but it’s better to start at the front and have my own race pace than towards the middle of the pack. I am very, very happy with this situation. It is great to see that all the people stayed to see it because they went through a heavy period of rain. I was expecting them to leave but happy they stayed to see it. He added: After so many years, after 17 in F1, I never got out of the car for a pee twice in the middle of qualifying! I am very proud of what we achieved today. We were on the borderline for Q2, we should have gone for inters but we were lucky enough to just make it. I knew car was competitive, like I said, I am keeping my feet on the ground because we have won nothing yet. We did fantastic today, it will be a great night and I will sleep, but we still have to get everything tomorrow. The Brazilian said he will not look at what Button or Sebastian Vettel do tomorrow, and instead will only focus on winning the race. It is obviously great to start from the front, he said. I am not watching what is going on on the side. I will race as hard as I can to win the race, then when race is finished I will open the radio and see where Jenson and Sebastian finish. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Barrichello reckons the session, which lasted nearly three hours, should not have been restarted after Force India’s Tonio Liuzzi crashed. We saw today, we were not expecting the rain that came down. The worst time of qualifying was when Liuzzi went off. We should not have restarted qualifying at that time, on that straight I was in fourth gear, you have not much pleasure from visibility and you are aquaplaning so don’t know what is happening. Sorry you guys had to wait, I had to wait but had pleasure to drive car. Lessons have been learned about the capabilities of Formula 1 cars in wet conditions, following the 160-minute-long delayed and interrupted wet qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix, that is the view of Mark Webber.The Australian, who eventually qualified second on the grid for Sunday’s race and who is considered one of F1 s stronger wet weather racers, was critical of the stewards’ decision to allow qualifying to begin when the conditions were most difficult in Q1 and Q2. I don’t think it was the right thing to probably start in those conditions, every driver I spoke to was of the same opinion, fortunately the right decision was made in the end, but TV drives things and we have to start, he said.The second part of qualifying was stopped when Vitantonio Liuzzi aquaplaned in to the pit wall and crashed heavily.Webber, who was one of the drivers advocating the abandonment of the wet Chinese Grand Prix earlier this year, added that the sport is beginning to understand when modern F1 cars move out of an acceptable operating window in wet conditions. You cannot have a car losing control in the last sector [at Interlagos], you have to have a chance to control the cars, which means accidents will be less. The standing water was massive and visibility was a big thing, we have learned today when to drive and not to, they are not street cars, they are F1 cars, they are quick and low to the ground and they go off quick when the conditions go wrong. I am sure they have learned a bit upstairs today. Webber added that he was pleased with his own performance in qualifying having survived the chaos to engage in a late duel for pole with Rubens Barrichello. It was a very tricky session especially the first one, both for Seb (Vettel) and I. The car was tricky in the wet heavy conditions, we scraped through just, and when track came back I was much more competitive. We knew inters would come into play at the back part of qualifying. At first I thought it was not too comfortable, but the grip came and I saw I was going in the top three. I would have liked to have a crack at the end but I made a mistake. I am happy with the job I did, as Rubens said, it was difficult to know what to do, congratulations to Rubens on pole at home, and we will give him a race tomorrow. I am happy to be starting on front row, Suzuka was the only time this year I felt I missed a big opportunity, other races not quick enough or the drive through in Spa. Webber’s team-mate Sebastian Vettel will start 16th on the grid, and asked whether he would consider compromising his own race to assist the German’s championship challenge, the Australian responded: At the start I will back off and pull off straight away! I doubt the situation will arise, how we can help each other, he added. To do a normal GP is difficult enough to get all the ducks lined up, with the exception of Turkey we have never been together on the track. Adrian Sutil declared himself very happy with his third place on the grid for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.The Force India driver brought himself up to the second row with his final lap of qualifying as conditions improved on the wet track surface. We had some problems on Friday in the dry and it didn’t look great, the German said. Because of that I was really hoping for rain, and we got a lot of it. In Q2, with the extreme wets, we went extremely well, and in Q3 I managed one good lap in the end, which was enough for P3. I’m very happy. Sutil said that the major difficulty of the almost three-hour long session was maintaining his concentration throughout red flags and protracted sessions in the pits. I had to wait so long, had to keep focus up, he added. So it makes me so happy after waiting for such a long time, to be so competitive in this field. Sutil’s team-mate Vitantonio Liuzzi qualified 15th, but could be penalised five places if Force India deems it necessary to change his car’s gearbox after his Q2 crash.

  2. le queda poca vida a la basofia esa. NO EXISTIO NUNCA, ahora desaparece la tr . una Mentira Total. Es cierto, le pegan al tc2000 que da asco. Que paso cuando no dejaron entrat a un peridista de corsa a una carrera de TC el año pasado?? en que quedo?? hasta donde se, no iban a ir mas!!! siguen yendo no??? no existen, urtubey!


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