Esteban Nieto

El #GT3 de Brasil proyecta una fecha en Potrero de los Funes en 2013.

Mirá el tuit del periodista argentino que vive en San Pablo, Brasil; interesante ¿no?



  1. Saturday huh? Well, glad the move is taking place but as you shloud know by now, Saturdays are pretty much out for me. However, I’ll be in contact and hopefully work will be over quickly so I can help out. At least I’ll try to make the after-move festivities! hehe Can’t wait to see how everything is arranged at the new place.

  2. I like both of these guys a lot. Lance is very attractive and a very exeprssive bottom. I liked this vid, but I think Jonathan was better with Calvin and Lance was better with Jess. For me, the foreplay was the hottest part of the vid. (I was a little disappointed, though, that neither guy took a cock in his mouth.) Jonathan shoots a beautiful creamy load but Lance doesn’t even go in for a taste! And, hey, did it magically disappear before Lance shot his load? ;)Both guys are from the stick-it-in-and-fuck-like-a-jackrabbit school. Not my favorite style. Still, I like lean guys, and these two are the leanest in SC’s stable.


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