1. Que los «campiones» no lloren, salten, se rapen, salten arriba del techo del auto, salgan en Para Tí…te imaginás a Juancito Galvez haciendo «eso»….y creo que alguna carrerita y campeonato ganó…

    • When you refer to these people as the «liberal cautlrul elite» you grant their premise and put yourself in a subservient position. You affirm the pedestal of their creation and acknowledge your inferiority. Stop! Another term is needed to describe the cocoon they inhabit; one that is dismissive and disdainful of their pretentions. One that sticks. Their attitudes and presumptions remind me of the French Court before 1793. Words can be guillotines…if they are the right words. You’re smart people. Find the words. Make them stick.Jim M


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