EL TOP RACE ha empezado a moverse en Termas de Río Hondo donde cierra la Etapa Otoño. Gabriel Furlan adelante en los ensayos con el Lancer GT. Ahora debe repetir en la clasificación. Ah!, Furlan también se anota en twitter donde promete cantar la justa, se vienen los tw hot!.

Foto Prensa Top Race



    • Jer: You were the one who nominated me? Well, thank you, my dear. I’ve been wnedoring who did it, and I’m flattered. 🙂 When I went to the site it appeared to have all of the blogs ranked, so I’m assuming that’s showing the winners and how everyone ranked behind them. I was listed 2nd, so I’m assuming that meant I was 2nd. Maybe I should have looked at the page longer… ;)The dates of Polaris are in the banner at the top, but in case you’re reading this in some feed that doesn’t show images, it’s July 16-18, 2010 (I’ll go in and add those dates just in case).


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