¿SERA ESTE?. La actual Fiat Linea Competizione que acompaña desde hace dos años al TC 2000, se renueva. VA te adelanta: en Fiat tienen in mente y trabajan en tal sentido, para cambiar de modelo en 2012.

El elegido es el Fiat Punto Evo, mas picante y potente que el actual Linea cuyo motor trae de fábrica 130 hp que se elevan a 145 una vez alistados para competir, además de modificarse suspensiones, adosar elementos para seguridad y cubiertas de competición.

Lindo, ¿no?.

 El nuevo coche que dará pie a la nueva monomarca, llevaría -aún no está resueltó- el motor 1,4 L que contaría con la misma potencia, o bien otro de los impulsores que dispone Fiat, 1,6 L con una potencia de 145 que se incrementaría hasta los 165. Otro avance para tener en cuenta, la caja de velocidades será secuencial, al parecer con 6 cambios.

¿Que ocurrirá con los Linea actuales?, podrían sumarse al Top Race o bien, readaptarlos como autos de calle para ponerlos a la venta.


Por el equipo de VA



    • Hi friends am 22 now .ma dad got a fiat 1968 model way back when i was in ftrouh grade..she looked beautiful as always..ma first drive with her was might be when i was in sixth grade ..today am a good d diver and can drive any dam car..we got a indigo marina back in 2005 and after that we din pay much attention towards ma fiat really feel sorry sometimes ..thats because she had a serious break problem ..and so obviously din drive her at all ma fiat had a good paint new interiors new tyres but the break thing was bad i love her a lot she looks dam good even today when i wash her during dasera as if she is sayin am still alive don forget me..the last time when i started her was in mid of 2007 and after that i just gave up din pay attentio n at all but i knew she was good enough but the excitment of the new car ws so much that i din think of correcting her brakes at all..but every year when i use to wash her for dasera i just use to sit an adore her she really looked beutiful,,some days back suddenly ma dad said lets give our fiat to someone who can use it ..i couldnt take at all as if someone is gonna take part of ma heart i then dicided that is somedays back i wont let that happen ..i wont let ma sweet heart some other hands..so now ma brain started workin..i got two bottles of oil poured into her and got a petrol of 200 rs and took ma indigo ka battery and gave her supply i thought she wont even reply at all thought she would be angry with me ..then with ma fingures crossed i twisted the key i heard ma sweet hearts voice after three years ..but now i was still not sure if she will start and will be alive ..i gave her ingnition for more seven times and beleave me at the eight time touch wood yes she started yes she was speaking so very smooth so very nice ..felt like never before .then i got a mechanic and plannin out for goa with her and ma friends friends just wanna tel you its a good car keep her if you have feelings attached to her she wont let you down speak wit her tell her how much you love her and how much you really care for her..love you all fiats and their oweners


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