TREINTA AÑOS ATRAS, Derek Daly perdió lo que pudo ser su única victoria en Fórmula 1 en Mónaco en un final caótico. Ahora le tocó a su hijo Conor ganar los titulares.

Sucedió en la GP3 en Montecarlo. Más vale que lo veas vos mismo:



Zafó de milagro, ¿no?.




        • we have been symptom free for 8 mohtns. 6 mohtns is the marker they have you do this regimen for, All horizontal surfaces and the entire bathroom should be bleached one a week, sink, toilet all of it. MRSA is invisible, you might touch it and pass it on without ever getting infected yourself, It must enter through an opening, scratch pimple, pour soft tissue (no sharing clothes either during this 6 mohtns. ) We have also been instructed that anytime she goes to an emergency room or is hospitalized or sees a DR. we are not familiar with we have to tell them she has had MRSA and could potentially be a carrier, not for their safety for her safety. Also, when you go to the dentist you should bring along antibactierial mouth wash, rinse thoroughly after the visit, and tell the dentist you and or your child has had MRSA, it is for you and/or your childs protection not theirs. Scenario we were presented with, the Dr. has gloves on touches what appears to be a pimple on the childs cheek, just from general contact while cleaning their teeth, unbebounced to the dentist it was infected, the dentist then touches the inside of you or your child’s mouth and that same part of the glove touches an inflamed gum area, the dentist could have potential just unknowingly transfered the infection to an open wound and it may or may not turn into an infection which may or may not become MRSA and may or may not become cellulittus (which we all know is extremely painful).OK off my soap box for now. I hope you all find this information helpful. I think it is the Medical field who needs to be educated. I can’t tell you how many medical professionals I have had to educate, My daughter educated the school adn her gymnastics gym. Good luck to all and my heart goes out to those who are struggleing to take control of this visious, under publicized epidemic.

  1. Muchachos, no se apresuren tanto a corregirnos… Treinta años atrás es, exactamente 1982, cuando Daly fue clasificado sexto a dos vueltas del ganador Riccardo Patrese pese a no haber visto la bandera a cuadros… Lo que ustedes muestran es de 1980, y ahí si que no tenía chances de ganar. Además, en 1982 corría un Williams y ese del videíto es un Tyrrell.


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