LA CARRERA de TC 2000 prevista para el 2 de octubre en Rosario está  prendida con alfileres, siendo generoso, las obras en el circuito no serían finalizadas a tiempo. Por eso se menciona con fuerza que esa fecha se traslada a La Rioja, sin descartarse las plazas de Junín o Paraná. La siguiente a los 200 Kms le deber¡a seguir la carrera en Trelew el 11 de setiembre, está confirmada si bien las cenizas del volcán que tantos perjuicios han causado, podrían obstaculizarla.



  1. I’ve always been a fan of Rick Steves eilecsalpy his laid back attitude and desire to experience foreign countries through open-mindedness and willingness to integrate with the local population. So this was the first book I bought when my wife and I decided to go to Spain. Unfortunately, it’s a tremendous disappointment. My first issue is the complete lack of information about much of the country. He includes information about side trips to Morocco, yet nothing about Valencia the third largest city in the country. How about a guide of the U.S. without Chicago? Furthermore, there are so few hotel and restaurant recommendations and those are so vague as to be totally unhelpful that one will have to rely heavily on other sources to know where to sleep at night. But perhaps my biggest issue is that it’s told from a singular viewpoint. Being a foodie and a wine fanatic, I really wanted to know more about dining in San Sebastian (a city with more Michelin-rated restaurants than any other in the world) and the many wine regions. Steves essentially dismisses the best that San Sebastian has to offer by warning about the commitment of time and money. Instead, his discussion is focused on pub food. There are two pages on wine.The back cover of this book states that Rick Steves will tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Spain. That may be true for some people, but I’m back on Amazon looking for more books on Spain.


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